Social and market research

Social and market research

Deep dive into people’s worlds to identify information to drive decision-making and develop fit-for-purpose solutions.


Our experience and strengths

Scarlatti’s approach is different; we create tailored approaches to individual problems.

We are experienced in measuring and evaluating a range of variables, typically to help evaluate and shape practice change initiatives.

Our social and market research work has spanned a range of work areas – from conducting one-on-one farmer interviews on farm, through to large-scale online surveys in the building and construction industry.

Our social and market research:

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Uses creative ways to collect and analyse information, often on hard-to-measure things

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Leverages our in-house developed survey tool Confer, expanding the potential for what a survey tool can do – and increasing survey participation and completion rates

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Complements our impact modelling, monitoring and evaluation and programme design service areas – adding depth to the possible analyses we can do

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Offers clients flexibility to refine their approach as data becomes available and audiences are better understood.

Driving decision making

Understand the thoughts and experiences of people and stakeholders


"Phoebe and the Scarlatti team provided exceptional service for the completed Training and Career Framework Project. The project met the brief, accurately captured all outcomes, and was delivered on time."

Jackie Lynch

Portfolio Manager, FFCoVE

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“Working with Scarlatti has been one of my highlights of 2022. They are efficient, thorough, diligent and delightful to deal with.”

Michelle Barry

Bragato Research Institute

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“Scarlatti has helped us to not only design and create surveys but promote these surveys and achieve what we wanted to achieve. We got the number of respondents we wanted and more.”

Mhairi Sutherland

Senior Advisor Research Programmes, B+LNZ

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Our approach

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Scarlatti's Primary Industry Research Panel

We can draw on our panel of employers and employees to bring deeper insights to your project.

Clever data collection

Confer is our in-house data-collection platform that is much more than just another survey tool.

Ready to get your project moving?

Contact our social and market research lead Julie Moularde to discuss your project needs.