Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation can support a project throughout its lifetime; from planning monitoring activities, to gathering data and reporting insights.


Our experience and strengths

We have a strong track record of implementing customised monitoring and evaluation solutions for a range of different organisations, government departments and industry bodies, mostly within the New Zealand’s primary industries.

Our monitoring and evaluation:

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Begins with a robust framework

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Provides our clients with a clear plan to measure progress

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Ensures the right data is being efficiently gathered

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Utilises a range of research methodologies

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Produces insights to help our clients improve their projects and make decisions.

Throughout a project's lifetime

Measure progress and identify opportunities and achievements


"Because of Scarlatti's proactive approach, on more than one occasion we got a much better outcome than we had thought possible.”

Doug Neilson

Portfolio Manager, Food and Fibre CoVE

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Featured article

DairyNZ Relaunches GoDairy

Scarlatti undertook the review of the initial GoDairy campaign identifying a range of strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement; many of which have been implemented into the latest campaign.

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Our approach


Create monitoring and evaluation plans

We work with our clients to write formal evaluation plans to guide monitoring and evaluation activities.

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Develop logic models

We develop intervention logic models, that depict how initiatives will achieve their long term goals. Typically, these form the basis of our evaluation plans.

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Collect data and insights

We collect evaluative data (both qualitative and quantitative) using a range of different research methodologies, including literature reviews, interviews, surveys and case studies.

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Analyse data

We undertake qualitative and quantitative analysis to garner insights from our evaluative work.

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Report our findings

We work with our clients to understand their reporting needs, and which reporting formats will best meet these needs. We utilise a range of methodologies, including written reports, infographics and PowerBI dashboards.

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Ready to get your project moving?

Contact Scarlatti’s Monitoring and Evaluation Lead Karen Mitchelmore to discuss your needs.