Clever data collection with Confer

Solve complex problems by asking the right questions. Confer is our in-house data-collection platform that is much more than just another survey tool.
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What is Confer?

Confer offers a range of fully customised techniques that help us gather useful information for our clients.

Use Confer to:

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Quantify hard-to-measure things, such as the impact of training and interventions

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Identify people’s unconscious preferences between seemingly equally valued outcomes

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Support consensus-building and facilitate diversity-of-thought discussions

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Facilitate strategy and programme design decisions in a workshop setting

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Improve and enhance data collection to provide a more interactive and engaging experience

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Quantify hard-to-measure things

Life is a series of trade-offs. Our approach models the decision-making process, having participants choose between different combinations of variables to reveal (often unconscious) preferences. Confer is well set up to use techniques including conjoint analysis and choice modelling.

Live feedback

Live feedback and two-way conversations

People love to know if they think the same way as others. Unlike typical survey platforms, Confer facilitates two-way conversations, offering real-time results. It's an ideal tool to use for challenging group conversations and to facilitate great discussion and allow participants to change their answers based on group discussions.

Out of the box

Outside-the-box question types

The platform currently offers a variety of outside-the-box question types, including options like sound bites, photos, drag-and-drop elements, and collaborative surveys. This ensures a higher level of engagement by providing a diverse and interactive survey experience for participants.

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A survey that reflects your brand

No more survey platform logos or restricted branding. A Confer survey will belong to and look like your brand. We customise surveys to come from your organisation, facilitating a strong connection with your customers that leads to higher engagement rates.

More than a survey tool

Clever data collection


"Confer is about creating a platform for a conversation that needs direction. The instant feedback we've built into the platform allows this."

Mel Escott

Scarlatti Confer lead


"We created Confer because our clients often want to be able to do things in surveys that the usual survey platforms don't. We love being able to solve problems that our clients come to us with, using Confer."

Adam Barker


Got a complex question to answer?

Contact Mel Escott, Confer platform lead.