The team

Since 2004, our team of highly qualified and skilled specialists have used research, evaluation, analytics and insights to give clarity to the complex and hard-to-measure.

We bring a wealth of skills and experience from a wide range of backgrounds

Adam Barker


Superpower: Dishwasher stacking

Fixations: The Far Side

Adam founded Scarlatti in 2004 and is still very much hands-on and at the wheel. His work for clients spans most of the areas that Scarlatti operates in including extension programme design, market research, workforce research, impact modelling and operations research.

Adam’s idea of a good time consists of interrogating a problem down to its logical roots then working his way back up to find solutions. Much of the time this is useful to Scarlatti’s clients although Adam’s wife and children are less convinced.

Important to Adam, is developing the Scarlatti team by creating opportunities for team members to grow and lead. Scarlatti’s clients also appreciate the strong team culture that Adam has aspired to build.

Adam was previously Chief Operating Officer of Celentis, a commercial science company owned by AgResearch, and before that was a consultant for leading strategy consultancy McKinsey & Company, based in London.

Adam holds a Bachelor of Engineering (First Class Honours) from the University of Auckland and a Doctorate in Engineering from the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Dana Carver

Senior research manager

Dana Carver

Senior research manager

027 524 5796

Superpower: Making fires

Fixation: Ducks

Dana is Scarlatti’s wellbeing programme design specialist with over 25 years’ experience in the wellbeing space. Her work also spans monitoring and evaluation, extension programme design and impact modelling.

Her farming background, and wellbeing and corporate experience, brings a comprehensive perspective and depth of knowledge to our projects. She initiated the GoodYarn licensing programme and has served over 500 clients in the wellbeing space.

Dana loves questioning the status quo and discovering new ways to approach old dilemmas. These qualities ensure clients do not get tick box programmes but find the right initiatives and solutions for their organisation.

Dana holds a Bachelor of Psychology, with post-graduate studies in physiology. She is a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor and wellness coach. Dana also speaks at conferences and forums on multiple wellbeing topics.

Denise Bewsell

Senior research manager

Denise Bewsell

Senior research manager

027 281 1343

Superpower: Eating chocolate

Fixation: Chocolate

Denise leads our extension programme design area. Her work also spans monitoring and evaluation, and impact modelling.

Denise has worked in the primary sector for over 25 years, in many roles, including extension officer, facilitator, extension researcher, extension programme designer and evaluator. Extension, a tool for facilitating change, has been a constant in her work. Denise believes that at the heart of any project is people and understanding their responses to change will help ensure that it will be effective.

Working at Scarlatti allows Denise to combine research, design and evaluation, to support clients to facilitate change. And the team is awesome!

Denise has a Masters in Commerce and Management from Lincoln University and a Bachelor of Agricultural Science from The University of Melbourne. Her Masters work explored the concept of involvement in people’s response to information. She is a long-time member of the Australasia Pacific Extension Network (APEN), an organisation for extension professionals working with people to enable change and innovation in the primary industries, natural resource management and communities.

Karen Mitchelmore

Senior research manager

Karen Mitchelmore

Senior research manager

027 468 0834

Superpower: Flat-pack furniture assembly

Fixation: Crochet

Karen leads our monitoring and evaluation service area and manages Scarlatti’s large-scale projects. She has worked as a researcher and evaluator for over fifteen years and has spent the last decade working largely on evaluation projects within the primary industry.

Within her role, Karen undertakes and evaluates complex change-based projects, enjoys developing dynamic monitoring and evaluation frameworks; and supports our clients and stakeholders to grow their monitoring and evaluation capability and confidence.

Karen loves working with our clients to ensure our monitoring and evaluation projects hit the mark, and enjoys thinking up new and interesting ways to present our evaluation findings.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Victoria University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Social Sector Evaluation Research from Massey University.

Hannah Binnie

Research manager

Hannah Binnie

Research manager

021 189 1642

Superpower: Keeping plants alive

Fixation: Keeping plants alive

Hannah leads Scarlatti’s workforce research area, and her work also spans impact modelling and market research.

Hannah’s field of expertise is predominately in statistical modelling and analysis.

While completing her Master’s degree, Hannah worked at Colmar Brunton supporting the client executives with the day-to-day management of survey projects and scripting of data collection and analysis programs.

Hannah holds a Master of Science, majoring in Statistics from the University of Auckland.

Janet Ford

Research manager

Superpower: Separating Lego pieces

Fixations: Growing food

Janet’s work predominantly spans monitoring and evaluation, as well as extension programme design.

Janet has worked in the public and private sectors, predominantly in leadership and analytical roles. She spent several years at MAF/MPI working on biosecurity policy, and more recently at the Environmental Protection Authority where she led work to measure, reduce and manage the organisation’s carbon emissions. She has a strong customer focus and the empathy, integrity, and experience to build effective relationships with a wide range of people.

She is passionate about environmental issues and wellbeing, and loves that Scarlatti delves into both (and more). She has high standards – much to her family’s despair at times – and likes that her work inspires her to think strategically and creatively while retaining a rigorous attention to detail.

Janet has a Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours) in Geography from the University of Otago.

Julie Moularde

Research manager

Julie Moularde

Research manager

027 956 0275

Superpower: Overthinking

Fixation: Cookies and milk

Julie leads our insights and customer experience service area, and her work also spans evaluation and monitoring, and organisational wellbeing. She is experienced in project management, evaluation and marketing.

She has previously worked in the arts and culture, tourism, health and sport and recreation sectors.

Julie holds a Bachelor in Commerce (International Business) from NEOMA Business School in France, an Honours Bachelor in Commerce (Global Management) from the University of Ottawa in Canada, and a Master of Tourism Management, First Class Honours, from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. During her studies, Julie researched social marketing, attitudes and behaviour change.

Kenny Bell

Research manager

Superpower: Using R (programming language)

Fixation: Learning more R

Kenny primarily works in Scarlatti’s impact modelling area on projects to understand the implications of environmental change and environmental policy for society.

Kenny’s expertise is in economic modelling and data analysis, with a focus on causal inference. He enjoys developing models to understand the impacts of climate change on business and building tools to help clients use those models to make better decisions.

He previously worked as a Research Economist at the Crown Research Institute, Manaaki Whenua, for five years.

Kenny holds a Doctorate in Agricultural and Resource Economics from University of California, Berkeley.

Sam Cormack

Research manager

Superpower: Ice-cream making

Fixation: XKCD

Sam leads Scarlatti’s operations research area, and his work also spans workforce research and impact modelling.

Sam’s experience is in mathematical modelling and data analysis. He enjoys making models of the world and building tools to let clients use those models to better understand their problems and improve the way they do things.

Sam holds a Doctorate in Physics from Dartmouth College, NH, USA, and a Master of Science in Physics (First Class Honours) from the University of Otago.

During his physics research Sam built models of systems ranging from ultra-cold gases to galaxies.

Vaughan Wilson

Research manager

Vaughan Wilson

Research manager

027 543 2124

Superpower: Throwing a frisbee

Fixations: Excel

Vaughan’s work within Scarlatti mostly spans impact modelling, however he’s frequently involved in projects involving both quantitative and qualitative analyses.

His experience involves working with clients across a range of primary industries including horticulture, dairy, and sheep and beef, where he enjoys developing tools and resources that are interactive and intuitive for a range of uses.

Vaughan holds a Master of Agribusiness (with Distinction) and a Bachelor of AgriCommerce in Agricultural Economics, both from Massey University. During his Masters, he worked with Zespri to conduct a situational analysis of the economic impact of sooty mould in New Zealand’s kiwifruit industry.

Veronique Gibbons

Research manager

Veronique Gibbons

Research manager

021 340 334

Superpower: Infinite curiosity

Fixation: The perfect stroke (rowing)

Veronique’s work spans the monitoring and evaluation and extension services work areas.

Veronique has worked in the health sector for the past 35 years, in many roles, including as a registered nurse in primary health care, an academic health researcher in observational research methods (both qualitative and quantitative) and more recently leading a clinical effectiveness team within quality and patient safety at a large district health board. Clinical Effectiveness is the application of the best knowledge, derived from research, clinical experience and patient preferences to achieve optimum processes and outcomes of care for patients.

Working at Scarlatti allows Veronique to combine her research, evaluation and quality improvement skills which will benefit clients and stakeholders as we move through the journey together.

Veronique holds a Bachelor of Science (Community Nursing) from Kings College London, a Master’s of Science (Public Health) from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and a PhD (Community Health), in the epidemiology of thyroid disease in general practice focusing on subclinical hypothyroidism, from the University of Auckland.

Deirdre Kirk

Team administrator

Deirdre Kirk

Team administrator

021 839 999

Superpower: Kids' birthday extravangazas

Fixations: Brewing the perfect coffee

Deirdre is Scarlatti’s Team Administrator and works closely with the Scarlatti team in all aspects of the business, including making sure the coffee is brewed and the team’s cups are full.

In her many years at Scarlatti, she has never missed a team member's birthday and makes sure the office pets have had their daily pats, cuddles and treats.

Deirdre has been living in New Zealand since 1998 working in a variety of industries, from pharmaceuticals and clinical research to tug and barge operations.

Deirdre holds a Bachelor of Management, majoring in Accounting and Finance from the University of Lethbridge in Canada.

Alex Sharples


Superpower: Lengthy rants about anything

Fixations: Rubik's cube

Alex's work is mostly in operations research and workforce modelling. He particularly enjoys coming up with creative coding solutions to idiosyncratic problems and finding ways to optimise runtime for large data processing tasks. In his Honours work he invented a new protocol for secure-against-all-parties anonymous secret sharing.

Outside of work he is a passionate skier with hopes to take a tour of Europe’s sickest slopes, a big fan of the Black Caps, and dabbles in independent content creation.

Alex has a BSc in Maths and Physics, BSc hons (first class) in Maths, from The University of Auckland.

Fred Shi


Superpower: Analysis and futures trading

Fixation: Ping Pang and being with animals

Fred is an associate developer at Scarlatti. His work mostly spans workforce modelling and impact modelling.

He has experience as an investment analyst and trader in agricultural markets. Fred loves dealing with data, finding insights and potential opportunities through analysis.

Fred holds a master's in economics from Peking University, and a postgraduate certificate of Information technology from University of Auckland.

Giotto Frean


Superpower: Building cardboard cat palaces

Fixations: Tea

Giotto’s work spans workforce research and operations research. Giotto’s experience is in mathematics and machine learning.

Previously he has worked on modelling high-speed catamarans, as a research assistant studying intra-cluster turbulence and as a tutor part-time.

He holds a first-class honours degree in computer science and a major in politics from Victoria University of Wellington.

His interests are varied and frequently changing. At the moment he is wondering if there is a way to get Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice tea without importing it from the US.

Kate Gear


Superpower: Always finding a bargain

Fixations: Cheese

Kate’s work at Scarlatti spans monitoring and evaluation, and market research.

She brings her background in diversity into her work to raise awareness of different groups’ unique features, to ensure that all perspectives are considered. Kate loves the creativity within her job, and how varied her work and clients are.

As part of Kate’s Masters, she interned at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment for Immigration New Zealand.

Kate holds a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Cultural Anthropology and Asian Studies, and a Masters in Migration Studies (with Distinction), both from Victoria University of Wellington. Her research at university focused on critically analysing a wide variety of disparities faced by people around the world, why they may occur, and how they can be alleviated.

Lucia Wang


Superpower: Surprise party planning

Fixations: Sitcoms

Lucia’s work spans monitoring and evaluation. She enjoys projects that facilitate positive change through different monitoring and evaluation approaches.

Lucia has a passion for both qualitative and quantitative analysis. She loves discovering and using interactive ways to present data and findings. She is details focused - some might consider her obsession with creating the perfectly formatted document somewhat unhealthy, but not Lucia.

Lucia holds a Master of Education (First Class Honours) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (with Distinction) from the University of Auckland. Her focus is mainly on primary school teaching and gifted education. Prior to joining Scarlatti, Lucia worked as a programme/curriculum designer for developing an online math education programme.

Manon Pinguat-Charlot


Superpower: Memorising song lyrics

Fixation: Food (of course!)

Manon's work at Scarlatti predominantly focuses on insights and customer experience, and monitoring and evaluation. Her expertise is in driving systemic change in an organisation or a team towards sustainability.

She loves the idea of being part of the whole project process: from problem definition to monitoring and evaluation. Having grown up on a Caribbean island, Manon has a strong interest in sustainable transition and wellbeing. In life and at work, she aims to empower and advise people to achieve their aspirations and goals.

Manon is passionate about languages and speaks French, Portuguese, Spanish, and English. She has also studied Arabic, but her focus has been disturbed by oriental pastries and belly dance.

She has previously worked with the Federal University of Sergipe (Brazil) on an indigenous community of fruit pickers women called the Catadoras de Mangaba. She has also conducted research in Political and Social Geography with the University of Pau and the Pays de l'Adour (France) where she studied and lectured.

Manon has a French Master's and PhD in Geography and Planning, and has published an award-winning paper. Her thesis focused on a management and certification scheme for climate, energy, and environmental public policies in local authorities.

Martin Church


Superpower: Cooking the perfect chicken biryani

Fixations: Motorcycles

Martin works in Scarlatti's operations research area, as well as workforce research and impact modelling. Martin loves the diverse team and variety in project work; no two days are ever the same. Martin’s passion for mathematics revolves around how numbers behave.

Martin holds a Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences with Honours in mathematics from the University of Waikato, achieving the Ramanujan Centenary Prize for best overall performance in the degree. As part of his studies, he investigated energy dissipation anomalies in magnetohydrodynamics

Penelope Ainsworth


Superpower: Thrifting clothes

Fixations: Taylor Swift

Penelope’s work at Scarlatti spans impact modelling, monitoring and evaluation and market research. Her experience is in economic modelling and analysis in the primary industries.

Her economic background helps her see the full picture. Penelope loves to integrate new economic thought and research into her approaches, helping clients build a long-term and sustainable vision.

Penelope holds a Master of Commerce with First Class Honours in Economics from the University of Auckland.

Phoebe Gill


Superpower: Uninvited lectures on linguistics-based topics

Fixations: Sunday drives

Phoebe’s work is predominantly in monitoring and evaluation.

For Phoebe, evaluation is the dream job - It’s the perfect mix of planning, writing, analysis and best of all, making a difference through evidence.

Since 2014, she has worked in three Latin American countries in a variety of industries including research, evaluation and strategy in the development sector. Her projects during this time spanned social services, gender violence and education, for NGOS, governments and intergovernmental agencies.

Outside of work, Phoebe is building an organisation that supports Latin American migrants in New Zealand – by providing Spanish-speaker specific English classes; hosting guest speakers and debates to build migrant confidence; and providing a space to build a ‘family away from home’.

Phoebe has a Conjoint Bachelor of Arts and Commerce in Marketing (Market Research), International Business and Spanish.

Rachel Knopp

Associate marketing

Rachel Knopp

Associate marketing

021 134 4319

Superpower: Digging rabbit holes

Fixations: The Simpsons

Rachel’s obsession with detail and the stories data tell means she fits in nicely with the Scarlatti team. Creating easily digestible and engaging content for clients and marketing Scarlatti is her role.

Rachel’s experience is with primary sector organisations and businesses.

She holds a Bachelor of Media Arts, and Graduate Diploma in Communication.

Sofia Sun

Associate developer

Sofia Sun

Associate developer

022 389 5659

Superpower: Time travelling

Fixation: Sunshine

Sofia is our associate developer. Her skills and passion for software development, design, computer vision and graphics, are used across a range of projects at Scarlatti, in particular our custom survey tool Confer.

She is positive and patient which makes her a good listener, communicator and steady problem solver when tackling various challenges.

She has a BA in Computer Science, and a BA in Applied Mathematics from the University of California at Berkeley (UCB).

Yuxing Gong


Superpower: Taking naps

Fixation: Seafood

Yuxing's work spans workforce research, and monitoring and evaluation. Her passion is for both qualitative and quantitative research.

Her experience working as an equity research analyst focusing on the animal farming industry has equipped her with solid research skills. She is also experienced in the education sector.

Yuxing enjoys the process of collecting data and turning seemingly chaotic data into valuable insights and helping clients to make positive changes and improve decision-making.

Yuxing holds a Bachelor of Financial Management from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and a Graduate Diploma in Teaching from the University of Auckland.


Top dog


Top dog

Superpower: Lover of people

Fixation: Bountiful kisses

Maisie has a masters degree in people greeting and has been known to perform a trick or two. Maisie manages the Auckland team’s wellbeing and acts in a consultancy role regularly advising the Scarlatti organisational wellbeing team.

When she is not at the Auckland office keeping the humans distracted, her favourite place to be is at the beach. She loves going on long walks and is always up for a road trip or flight to the family’s bach on Great Barrier Island. Her best party trick is diving into the pool.

Maisie is definitely top dog in Scarlatti’s books.

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