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Personal Information

Our website has email links and a contact form. These features facilitate the capture of personal information such as your first name, last name, company, email address and job title. Through the use of these features you may also provide additional personal information that would aid us in providing a service. None of the features detailed above are automated and personal information is not captured unless expressly provided by the user.


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Scarlatti's Primary Industry Research Panel (PIRP)

The following (last updated July 2023) sets forth the privacy policy for the Scarlatti primary industry research panel. We welcome any feedback participants may have.

Your information

What information is collected?

Scarlatti will collect the following types of information:

What happens to my information?

Your registration information will be:

Your research information will be:

Is my information identifiable?

Within your registration, you will provide / have provided some personal information. This is required within Scarlatti’s registration database, so that we may identify you to invite you to research. With your research information, we take all practical steps to ensure the protection of your identity to our clients, their stakeholders and any other third parties. The following table explains things we do and don’t do.

We will:

[1] Note that we use the term contact details to refer to things such as your name, phone number and email address. We use the term personal information to refer to things such as your name, phone number or email address. These are both distinct from the research information you provide during the interview.

We do not:

If there were any exception to the above, Scarlatti would state this within the invitation to the research or ask for the participants permission.

Please note that if you participate in a focus group (an online or in-person group event), we cannot protect your identity from the other participants of the group. We also cannot be sure that members will not share the discussion of the group with others. If you participate in a focus group, we ask that you keep all comments made during the focus group confidential and not discuss the identities nor what happened during the focus group outside of the meeting.

What are my rights?

The impact of Scarlatti’s research on New Zealand sectors, communities and learners is dependent on the insights provided to us by research participants. For this reason, all participants retain rights to:

[2] If you wish to withdraw from the research after completing the survey, interview or focus-group, or alternatively after payment has been made, we will work with you to take all reasonable efforts to either remove your data or provide additional security for it. This will be undertaken with the understanding that this is your data. In some cases, however, our ability to withdraw you may be limited – for example, if data has been collating into a wider data set and is no longer identifiable; or if analysis and reporting has already been completed and provided to a client. In the case that you wish to decline to answer a question, decline being recorded, or restrict certain use of the data, we will work with you to identify any possibility of continued participation in the research. This will be undertaken with the understanding that this is your data. In some cases, however, if the item in question is fundamental to the research, it may impact the ability of Scarlatti to use a participant within a piece of research, and as such, impact whether we are able to pay a participant for their participation.

Commitment to inclusivity

We recognise that Scarlatti’s research is conducted with and impacts upon all peoples in Aotearoa, including Māori and Pasifika people. Scarlatti is committed to inclusive research practices and upskilling in cultural responsiveness. As a part of this, we recognise the six Māori data sovereignty principles and are currently building our capabilities and updating our processes to better align with them.

How does the primary industry research panel work?

The following steps describe the Scarlatti primary industry research panel process:

  1. Fill in a registration form. Interested persons fill in a registration form with basic details. You may also be called to validate your registration. This enables us to identify whether you may be eligible for paid research. This depends on the requirements of the research.
  2. Be contacted regarding paid research. We will make contact with you when we have a piece of research that you may be eligible for. In this first contact, we will aim to provide:

At this point, we will either ask more questions to check your eligibility, or if your eligibility has already been confirmed, we will invite you to participate.

  1. Participate in research. If you choose to participate in a piece of research, you will either fill in a survey, organise a time to speak with a researcher on the phone, or via video conferencing (e.g., Teams or Zoom). Research will typically take between 5 minutes to one hour and will be paid for accordingly.
  2. Receive payment for participation. Payment will either be a cash payment or a voucher – however, you will know about this prior to participation, when you are first contacted.