Build workforce intelligence and plan for capability needs

Scarlatti combines data from multiple sources with proprietary modeling approaches to generate a uniquely detailed view of a given workforce.

Our work supports our clients to conceptualise their workforce in all its complexity, allowing them to extract unparalleled insight.

What can Workforce Research do for you?

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  • Workforce research provides industry stakeholders with insight into areas of under-representation or sources of recruitment.
  • A data-driven approach enables proper evaluation of workforce interventions, such as those targeting talent attraction or capability-building.
  • Workforce research also allows for more accurate forecasting and planning around future capability needs and training requirements.

Why us (workforce research)

Why Scarlatti?

  • Scarlatti has years of experience building bespoke workforce model for a range of New Zealand industries.
  • Our team are experts at leveraging the Stats NZ Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) database to extract data at the level of detail required to produce genuine workforce insight.
  • We have also developed our own proprietary workforce modeling tool – INCHWORM – which allows us to build a detailed, agent-based virtual model of an industry or national workforce in order to forecast skill requirements and explore scenarios.

Workforce Research Using Data

Scarlatti helps industry bodies to understand their workforce by gathering and analysing data on demographics, retention and sources of recruits. We provide insights on how to attract, train, and retain workers.

Workforce research using data

Workforce Research using Models

Scarlatti's Inchworm model allows industry bodies to understand the skill needs of a workforce and plan for required training. It can be used to analyse the effects of changes in recruitment, retention and training.

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