Understand student progress and achievement

Scarlatti leverages data and analytics to help training organisations gain visibility on student outcomes.

Our work enables our clients in the tertiary sector to gain insight into which students are excelling, which need more support, and what outcomes are being achieved after graduation.

What can analytics for tertiary providers do for you?

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  • A data-driven approach to understanding student achievement can promote transparency and proactiveness in enhancing student outcomes.
  • These tools can help tertiary organisations build an evidence base for use in the NZQA External Evaluation and Review (EER) process, or to enhance internal reporting.
  • Student analytics can also be used to inform the development of new and improved training initiatives to drive desired outcomes.

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Why Scarlatti?

  • Scarlatti takes a multi-faceted approach, drawing on both quantitative and qualitative evidence to create a complete view of student achievement.
  • We are able to draw on both internal sources and the comprehensive Stats NZ Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) database to track and interpret student performance and outcomes.
  • We have experience with the EER process and have successfully leveraged student analytics to help tertiary providers improve their performance over successive reviews.

Student Outcome Research

Scarlatti goes beyond alumni surveys to track students outcomes using governmental administrative data. Using the Integrated Data Infrastructure we can gain insights into employment, income, health and further study outcomes of alumni.

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Evidence base for EERs

Scarlatti helps training providers demonstrate full transparency around student outcomes to EER assessors. We enable presentation of not only student numbers and completion rates, but also the ability to drill deeper into areas such as support for Maori & Pasifika or tracking progress against student targets.

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Scarlatti enables training providers, at any point in time, to be able to identify the number of students enrolled, withdrawn, and completed. Our dashboards also allow providers to dig deeper into their data, for example looking at the ethnic breakdown of completion rates, trends over time, or progress towards KPIs.

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