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Andrew West is a highly experienced leader and manager of change in large, complex and intelligent organisations, particularly those with a research or educational specialisation. He has had a unique career within New Zealand, being the only person to have held Chief Executive positions at two significant Crown Research Institute companies, as well as being the Vice-Chancellor of a university. Additionally, he has been Executive Chairman of the Government’s most significant educational investor and regulator, and has led a major Crown agency.


Andrew has great experience in designing and implementing industry-wide operating systems in public science and public education. He is also known as an excellent strategist, developing strategies for individual organisations through to whole industries, and then often leading the implementation of  those strategies as either Chairman or Chief Executive.


Over the past 25 years Andrew has governed as chairman, director, trustee or member for 30 entities in the government, quasi-government or private sectors. He has been a Managing Director, CEO or Executive Chairman for 17 years. Andrew has also overseen or led more than $100 million of commercialisation of government generated-IP.


In addition to government roles, Andrew has worked in the private sector in consultancy and mergers & acquisitions. His current career is as a professional director and commercial advisor on strategy.


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