Business planning and strategy



Market insights and commercialisation

Scarlatti conducts comprehensive market validation and commercialisation studies for potential technology ventures and investments. Our studies typically include a thorough cost-benefit analysis, identification and assessment of technology options, funding approaches and governance arrangements along with clear and reasoned conclusions and recommendations. Where appropriate, these are supported by robust analytical and / or economic modelling. Examples of our work in this area include investigating the commercial potential of a Novel Dairy Bioactive, developing a business plan for Genavia Therapeutics and market investigations for Pacific Edge.


Strategic planning

Scarlatti conducts insightful and creative analysis to solve business problems for our clients and to help them benefit from revealed opportunities. We help shape strategy, design business models and analyse financial viability. A particular area of expertise is in early-stage ventures, including start-up companies, or established companies seeking to enter new business areas. Our point of difference is our approach to analysis; we emphasise rigour and creativity in equal measure. The result is analysis that delivers insight concisely. Examples of our work in this area include projects for Dairy Training Limited, DairyBase, DairyNZ, LIC and ContainterScan.


Primary sector data management

Having access to reliable, accurate and timely information is a key focus for many sectors and organisations. Scarlatti has worked on a number of projects that aim to enhance data collection and management within the primary industry. Examples of our work in this area include management of DairyBase, conceiving and leading the Data Locker project and People and Skills Measurement for DairyNZ.


Farm Business Management

Scarlatti has worked on a range of projects aimed at enhancing farm business management. We have researched, developed and led collaborative projects that have united a range of stakeholders behind approaches to growing agribusiness skills in the primary sector. Much has been achieved in these projects over the last few years, and we are proud to have been part of these innovative initiatives. Examples of our work in this area include workforce modelling for DairyNZ and the Primary ITO, scoping a management training programme for the Australian dairy industry, management of Dairy Training Limited and leading the Farm Business Management Initiative.



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