In 2014-15 DairyNZ, Dairy Training Limited along with project managers Scarlatti joined forces to develop and pilot ‘Cow Skills’ a new stockmanship training programme targeted at farm assistants. It was hoped that the on-farm practical training approach would appeal to a segment of farm assistants who are not being reached by traditional stockmanship training. Along with supporting the development and implementation of the pilot, Scarlatti took the lead to develop and implement an evaluation framework, the findings of which enabled stakeholders to determine the success and impact of the pilot.

    Scarlatti is the project manager of a collaborative dairy industry initiative involving DairyNZ, Wintec, Primary ITO and Dairy Training Limited. This initiative aims to increase the business skills of dairy farmers through engaging a larger proportion of farmers in formal business training. The Farm Business Management Initiative is an extended project of three years duration, in which Scarlatti plays a lead role.

    Scarlatti is working with DairyNZ to undertake a people and skills measurement project. This project aims to consolidate and align investments and activities associated with the measurement of how well the primary industry labour market is functioning. This includes monitoring processes to affect forecasting changes within the labour market. The task of developing a robust methodology (a ‘scorecard’) to measure progress towards specific Dairy Industry Strategy targets is a particular focus of this project.

    The Farmer Wellness and Wellbeing programme began in 2011 to promote the health and wellbeing of dairy farmers after both were established as direct factors that contributes to farmers’ ability to manage their farm business profitably and sustainably. The programme aims to develop systems that are able to address the health needs of the farm workforce before they limit farm performance.

    Scarlatti worked with the DairyNZ and Farmer Wellness and Wellbeing Programme stakeholders to develop an evaluation framework and dashboard tool to be used for evidence-based monitoring of the physical and mental wellbeing of dairy farmers.